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Your home should be the representation of your own personal style and expression. The difficulty these days is that houses especially newer homes built in the suburbs of the GTA and Toronto often take on a cookie cutter like appearance. The reason for this is that it is often cheaper and easier for the builder to do it this way, leaving you with a home that looks exactly like five other homes on your street. So what are your options, and how can you showcase your individuality while at the same time increasing the value of your home? Metal roof tiles could be the significant change you are looking for, professionally installed by the pros at Copper Works Canada.
A long term investment
Copper is one of the most durable materials you can attach to your home, making it an investment that will last the test of time. Copper does not rot or rust, but after a few years of having a bold fiery red sheen will go through its own oxidation process, known as patina. Patina is the classic, refined green colour copper takes on after a few years. Think of the Canadian and British parliament buildings and their old copper roofs which are renowned for their gorgeous green tops. The benefits of copper and the process of patina are not only esthetic pleasing in its nature, but the film acts as a barrier further protecting the metal against the elements. Copper metal roof tiles will more then likely out live the house it's built on, which is another reason that copper metal roof tile is such and attractive option.
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
More so then ever, people are looking for the most environmentally sound options available when doing any sort of construction on their homes. Copper due to its long lasting durability typically won't need to be replaced for about 100 years. 55% of all copper used in the market is recycled, saving existing copper ores as well as the environment in the process.
It Pays For Itself
Copper metal roof tiles can be a great way to add to your property value and curb appeal, especially if you were planning to sell down the road. Copper metal roof tiles make a statement about a home; they add a brash, refined, and classy look to any house they are installed to. It's not only important to look at metal roof tiles as an avenue of self expression but also an investment for the future.
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